My name is Martin Bleicher. I am a music lover, DJ and concert promoter from Austria. I am also known as a music nerd and passionate record collector for the best part of the last 30 years.

With "This sound I ride“, I want to support and promote talented and innovative artists who are not yet well known.

I also want to share my enthusiasm for new and diverse music and cultures, as well as the joy of exploring different musical styles with a broader audience.

And finally, I create influential handpicked mixes for people who are in search of new music.

"With this podcast, I want to create a feeling, like to hop on an imaginary train with all senses and attention sharpened and the mind curious, like back in the days when we were children, and there are so many sensations out there yet to be discovered. There is no plan where this ride will take us.

There is no order here, it is all about embracing the unknown and enjoying the adventure.“

Together with Matthias Hacksteiner, I am also producing the Austrian music podcast "Unterton" –

Besides the monthly podcast episodes, Unterton also features a series of concerts and other music-related events like film nights in Innsbruck, Austria.

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