The Show

This Sound I Ride is an adventurous and inspiring global journey for music Lovers.

It is about diverse, extraordinary, global music that inspires the listeners imagination, like a surreal train ride through foreign countries or a trip to an exotic culture which offers an unfamiliar or unforeseeable perspective.

The curious and adventurous approach of the producer melts together different influences and musical languages and creates something exciting and unsettling at the same time.

Hosted by Martin Bleicher, the two hour montlhy show brings you new, fascinating and boundary-free music and sounds.

About the producer

Martin Bleicher is a music lover, DJ and concert promoter from Austria. He is known as a music nerd and passionate record collector for the best part of the last 30 years.

With „This sound I ride“, he features, supports and promotes talented and innovative artists which are not yet well known. Martin wants to share his enthusiasm for new and diverse music and cultures as well as the joy of exploring different musical styles with a wider audience.

Additionally, he creates influential handpicked mixes for people who are in search of new music.

The details

Website: – here you can find all the details about the podcast as well as tracklists, transcriptions, artwork and an in-depth feature of one artist per episode


Social Media: 

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Download / Subscribe: Directly on our website, as well as on most podcast platforms, such as Apple Music, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Youtube or Soundcloud.

Schedule & Length: The 2 hour episodes are released once per month, on each third Sunday at 3pm CET

Cast & Crew:

  • Martin Bleicher – host, producer, writer, editor
  • Marta Witkowska – cover art photographs for each episode
  • Matthias Hacksteiner – web design, mastering, podcast jingle, graphics, technical support
  • Wolfgang Gollmayer – video teaser concept & production, podcast logo layout & photos

What listeners are saying about This sound I ride…

  • "I love how your voice sounds, really professional to be honest. I like the intro where you explain what is the podcast about. Great job. I really felt like riding on music with different people and different situations. I never imagined I will hear a 2-hour podcast. You nailed it! Great job gathering info from the artist and the song." (Jorge, Panama)
  • "I started to listen to the episode you sent me and have to say I love it!  I enjoy  the music and your story telling is also great. Well done!" (Marta, Poland)