October 19,2021

Episode 13

From glitchy ancestral club sounds out of Honduras to a sublime music gem found in Rwanda

In Episode 13 of TSIR – an adventurous and inspiring global journey for music lovers, we discover a hidden music gem in the Rwandan backcountry and are blown away by a Colombian powerhouse. We are also excited by glitchy ancestral club sounds out of Honduras, celebrate a highly energetic version of hip hop from Niger and get immersed into contemporary ambient music from Russia.

Featured Artist: Meridian Brothers

The excitingly funny power formation Meridian Brothers & Conjunto Media Luna from Colombia have just released their new record "Paz En La Tierra" on the incredibly versatile and adventurous Label Les Disco Bongo Joe from Switzerland.

On their new album you can find ten tracks filled with fast rhythms, lots of crazy sounding accordion, eccentric percussions and powerful singing. They describe the new record as a result of a search for the heart of something that can be called a "power format" of Colombian Carribean music featuring Accordion, Guacharace, Caja, Congas, Electric bass and the stunning vocals.

Meridian Brothers

You have just released your new album and it seems that you have formed a more stripped back sound, used different instruments and worked as a duo. Can you tell us how this latest album came together in its form?

Meridian Brothers as they recorded their latest album

Did you follow a sort of concept or overall theme within your new album or is it more like a collection of songs?

What can people expect from a live show supporting the new album?

Meridian Brothers Boiler Room London Live Set

Your band has already existed since 1998. To be honest I only discovered your music a couple of months ago. Can you share with us how the project started out and how it developed until the latest version in 2021?

Meridian Brothers - colourful and energetic

I’m fascinated by the variety of different musical styles you have developed over the years. Is there anything that all these forms or incarnations have in common - a sort of common idea or motif?

Meridian Brothers Full Line Up

As you come from Colombia and your Cumbia influences are obvious, it would be interesting to know what influence Colombia as a country with all its different musical styles and traditions has on your artistic voice and how did your musical education work out?

Can you share with us three artists that you listen to or that have inspired you lately?

Kabaka International Guitar Band from Nigeria

La Sonora Mazuren from Colombia, which I produced recently

Micachu from the UK - and her Boiler Room Set