April 17,2022

Episode 17

From haunting vocal-driven music from Canada to a psychedelic folk anthem from Turkey

In Episode 17 of TSIR – an adventurous and inspiring global journey for music lovers, we discover haunting vocal-driven music from Canada and enjoy a colorful polyrhythmic anthem from Poland. We also drift away to psychedelic folk from Turkey, take joy in immersing in a dreamy lullaby from Spain and plunge into an otherworldly Shakuhachi bamboo flute sound experience from London.

Featured Artist: Marina Herlop

Marina Herlop from Barcelona, Spain is often described as a pianist, a lingering remnant of her classical training. Whilst she has shown her full conservatory training on the more classically instrumented albums “Nanook” and “Babasha” she shows us a totally different, unique approach with her new music.

The song "Miu" is based on techniques borrowed from Carnatic music of Southern India, in particular, konnakol, a style of percussive syllabic singing. Marina was kind enough to agree to be this months featured artist.

She begins to sing an a cappella, layering her own harmonies in bright tone clusters by turns softly consonant and dissonant.
Marina Herlop

Can you tell us a little more about the wonderful song „miu“ that is featured in the pod? To me, it seems like a new artistic direction you are taking here?

Marina Herlop - "miu"

As your previous two albums were more composed with classical instruments, is this new sound something you want to focus on in the future?

How did you develop your artistic voice, your musical language? Do you have any classical music education?

Marina Herlop

I saw that you have plenty of live gigs lined up soon. Can you share with us what people can expect from a Marina Herlop live experience?

Marina Herlop live

Anything else you would love to tell people about your art ?

Can you share with us three artists/albums that you listen to or have inspired you lately?

Meitei, Nala Sinephro and Stennes