August 15,2021

Episode 11

From majestic duduk music out of Armenia to a cathartic Egyptian sound ritual

Cover for the release "Restore"
Picture by Marta Witkowska

In Episode 11 of TSIR – an adventurous and inspiring global journey for music lovers, we adore tropical futurism from Colombia and immerse into sublime duduk music from Armenia. We also participate in a cathartic Egyptian sound ritual, admire a pulsating tune to raise awareness for our Planet Earth and love an energetic tribal wave track from Spain.

Featured Artist: Rani Jambak

Rani Jambak is a music producer, environmental activist and future ancestor from Indonesia. Together with Berlin-based, American vocalist Lyra Pramuk, she has just released the sublime song "Restore". The release coincided with Earth Day 2021 and is meant to correspond with the 2021 Earth Day theme, "Restore Our Earth".

“Restore” combines aspects of Indonesian and Western musical traditions within a more globalised and fluid approach to electronic music production. “This piece represents our shared commitment to raise awareness about the ongoing environmental atrocities taking place in our world every day,” says Rani, “and we felt that Earth Day 2021 was the perfect time to release this. Every sale of our single on Bandcamp will be donated directly to the Environmental Education Centre (PPLH) Bohorok, a non-profit Environmental Education Program and Nature Conservation Centre located in the Bohorok district of North Sumatra, Indonesia.”

We caught up with Rani to find out more about the collaboration with Lyra Pramuk, her music and inspiration in general and also how it is to be a contemporary music producer in Indonesia.

How did this project with Lyra Pramuk come together? Can you tell us a little bit about it from your perspective? How did you work out the concept, instrumentation, details… of the track?

Video for Restore

When I checked out your Instagram account it becomes quite obvious that you are very concerned about the major environmental problems we are facing at the moment and what solutions could be found for the future. Please tell us more about your background, your ideas, activities and goals that you want to achieve via your art?

Rani Jambak (Picture by Evi Ovtiana)

As I am completely new to your music, can you please share with us some information about how you started your musical education, upbringing and how you want to develop your artistic voice also in the future?

Rani Jambak with Toba_s Traditional Mask (Picture by Ori Semloko)

Do you have any plans for a full album release in the future?

Rani Jambak with Minah (Orangutan) - (Picture by Evi Ovtiana)

Can you share with us some information about how your art is seen in Indonesia. You, as a contemporary music producer and environment activist. Is the community over there helpful in supporting your ideas or what is the situation? What support to do get? I just want to get to know your situation a bit better.

Rani Jambak (Picture by Ori Semloko)

Can you share with us three artists / albums that you listen to or that have inspired you lately?

Here are links to Rani´s recommended artists:

Lyra Pramuk

Gabber Modus Operandi


Rani Jambak in Jam Gadang (Pict by Evi Ovtiana)