January 17,2021

Episode 4

From voodoo drumming out of Haiti to a mystical vocal track from the Argentinian Andes

Picture by Marta Witkowska
Picture by Marta Witkowska

In the fourth episode we celebrate Kaboom Karavan´s folk music from another dimension and discover dystopian electronic sounds from Mozambique. We also get inspired by polyrhythmic voodoo drumming from Haiti, find out more about Hyper-Glitch from Turkey and enjoy the longing and mystical song „Gira, Gira“ produced in the Argentinian Andes.

Featured Artist: Azu Tiwaline

Azu Tiwaline is an electronic music producer from Tunisia. She combines sound originating from the Sahara and El Djerid region and melts it together with modern electronic beats and sound motifs. The result is a mesmerising affair that draws you into Berberian and Saharan trance music that connects human beings with nature in the South of Tunisia and a genuinely hypnotic sound experience.

Inspired by the beauty and overwhelming power of the desert, she creates these masterpieces of sound. This hybrid sound explores the areas between light and darkness; it plays with contrasts and rich sound textures and is just gorgeous. She is a fantastic artist who can't be praised highly enough.

"Hypnotic beats, combined with North-African percussion melted together with strange echoes in the distance and sounds that remind me of strong winds. This is how I would best describe Azu´s magic soundworld."
Picture by Loten Grey

We got in touch with Azu Tiwaline in order to find out more about her musical roots, the influence of the Sahara on her music and which kind of music inspires her at the moment?

Can you tell us a little bit about your musical roots – how and when did you start with creating music and how did you develop your artistic voice?

Picture by Loten Grey

How does your creative process work - would be interesting to understand where do you start and how do you develop a track to the final result ?

Azu Tiwaline Live @ Festival Le Bon Air 2020

What is the story behind the song „Tessiture“ that is featured in the podcast ?

Picture by Loten Grey

You mention the Sahara and the music from Berber people as a great influence on your music. Can you tell us a little bit more about it and also how these things influence you ?

Sahara, South Tunisia

Can you share with us three artists/albums that you listen to or that have inspired you lately?

Azu´s sound recommendations for you to check them out are:

Neinzer - Shifting Values

MinaeMinae - Gestrüpp

Acid Pauli - MOD