Episode 5

From the soothing voice of Israeli singer Liraz to harsh post-punk out of Norway

In the fifth episode of TSIR – an adventurous and inspiring global journey for music lovers, we discover warm, beautiful Neo-Classic-Ambient from Poland and celebrate classical Mauretanian music. We also find out more …

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Episode 4

From voodoo drumming out of Haiti to a mystical vocal track from the Argentinian Andes

In the fourth episode we celebrate Kaboom Karavan´s folk music from another dimension and discover dystopian electronic sounds from Mozambique. We also get inspired by polyrhythmic voodoo drumming from Haiti, find out …

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Episode 3

From the Aralkum desert in Kazakhstan to spooky theremin sounds out of Iceland

Episode 3 brings you unique theremin sounds from the Icelandic artist Hekla, an Afro-Caribbean hymn for life by the fearless duo Navarro / Holmes and a gorgeous and hypnotic love song from the Mali desert. We also …

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Episode 2

From an ancient art form performed in Russia to frenetic euphoria out of Kenya

In the second episode we discover William Basinski´s saxophone skills, join the Russian Group Phurpa in their Tibetan overtone chanting, travel to Colombia to enjoy Cerrero´s brilliant dub mix of folky Latin American …

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